Alice Airlines / 2020

In the spring of 2020, we saw widespread flight cancellations, how people stay locked in other countries, how plane icons disappear from tracking sites, and how the distances we walked on pedometer apps are limited to a few meters. Restriction of movement and isolation at home forced us to find new ways of experiencing our bodies in space, interacting with each other via remote access.

In the project that gave rise to the creation of Alice Aircraft, I was asked to create a piece that would be a kind of message to the future, but at the same time printed in a magazine limited to A4 format. My message was one of the paper planes that I made, entertained myself in the lockdown, unrolled and scanned, and which in the future if desired, could be folded back along the fold lines.

By presenting an object in the form of an image with an intermediate phase of existence in digital form, I explore the possibility of presenting a material sculpture in the form of an image, which, among other things, can be transmitted or distributed without physical contact. The sheet format and printing technique make it possible to scale images. Starting with small A4 images, I came to the presentation of their enlarged copies, printed in silk-screen printing, a technique that implies seriality and reproducibility.

In the midst of the pandemic and the ban on air travel, many airlines faced the problem of storing aircraft, since most of them were usually in the air. For parking, they began to reorganise the runways. “Alice Airlines” is a utopian airline, a deterritorialisation project, that leaves no carbon footprint. The materialisation of two works is presented on the walls and supplemented by the designation of parking spaces for the rest, which is stored at this time, in “digital clouds”: