Site-specific installation in Moscow trolleybus
VII Moscow International Biennale for Young Art x Museum of Transport

Contacts is the second part of the project Screen Settings that Alisa Omelianceva presented on a façade of the Museum of Moscow for the Biennale for Young Art. Covering the museum’s façade with reflective film, she turned it into a one-way mirror and created a space for observation behind it. Unlike the museum space, which is by its very nature a space of display, the main function of the trolleybus (even if it runs along a museum route) is utilitarian, so its passengers are offered a choice: they can either take normal seats and remain passengers— or become viewers inside the installation. Apart from this text, the space inside the trolleybus has remained unchanged. The work has been installed on its surface and the viewers interact with it through the mirror screens that occupy 30% of the window space, as permitted on public transport. Traveling along the museum route on this bus, the viewer can also become part of the artwork. Any passenger can become a viewer.