Liebevoll umarmen Sie den schönen Körper der Sie umarmt / Lovingly you unarm the beautiful body that unarms you / 2022

The name of the project comes from the confusion of the word "umarmen" with the English "unarm" in the German translation of Orhan Pamuk's story "Können Sie nicht schlafen?" The drawings are based on the plots of my dreams after constant doomscrolling. Those dreams in which violence and brutality seep from the screen, transforming and modifying. The material used for the drawings appears only in a flash of light as if I were catching the sand of a dream in a half-asleep state, documenting the movements and topography on the sheets like evidence.

Clash, 2022
silk screen print on the duvet cover 

Debacle, 2022
series of silk screen prints

Crash, 2022
series of silk screen prints