site-specific installation, one-way-mirror foil

The work was created for the main project of the VII Moscow Biennale for Young Art

In this project, I explore the experience of the observer, the blurring of the boundaries of private space, and the illusory corrections in the screen settings. I am interested in the mobile trace of architecture identification in space and the reflection of human actions. The screen is an insulating layer in the general information field.

Reflective tinting film has already been used in several of my previous projects. In this work, this material is adapted to the architectural ensemble of the Museum, transforming the facade of one of the buildings into a one-way Gesell’s mirror, which is usually installed in rooms for monitoring focus groups or for conducting psychological experiments. The invisibility of the observer allows the subjects to behave naturally.

The Museum complex attracts me with its simplicity and utility combined with the laconic forms of the classical Empire style. Three almost identical buildings seem to multiply in the reflection of each other. Being one of the few remaining large public buildings of the early 19th century, the complex of former Food warehouses, like many historical buildings, changed its purpose several times, each of which, as a new layer, was superimposed on the walls of the building.

I am interested in entering into a dialogue with the space of the Museum complex, interacting with the facades of neighboring buildings and through the windows, with the main exhibition in the Museum. The project is planned to be implemented without my physical intervention. I will monitor the process by video link. The screen goes to screen, I am present, we are present.