The Girl Without Hands / 2023

The project "The Girl without Hands" presents a series of sculptures that recontextualize surgical and gynecological instruments as out-of-place artifacts from the future. By welding and long polishing, the instruments are given the appearance of having been touched and used for a period longer than human life and have changed shape from the touch of the flesh. Drawing inspiration from a medical view of the body, I explore the materials and surfaces with which the body interacts, while the body itself is absent and visible only through traces and reflections.

Drawing inspiration from the eponymous fairy tale, the project presents a metaphorical exploration of the human experience, where the journey of healing and transformation is sometimes painful, but ultimately leads to a newfound sense of agency and resilience.

The project was presented in frames of the Master exhibition at the University of Applied Arts Vienna / TransArts department

Supervisors: Visiting Professor Kathrin Rhomberg and Mag. art Nita Tandon